Our Adoption Policy

 Our adoption  policy is we only re home our dogs who come to stay with us for a short while, to persons of a mature age  please, semi-retired or retired people, sorry no young families, all day workers,  so that we can be assured that each pet gets the time and attention it deserves.
You will rarely find a 100 per cent placid, happy dog.  Dogs are like  people, have their different temperaments and challenges, as a result of their experiences and up bringing.  But perseverance  love and patience will overcome most problems which is why we prefer to re home our dogs  with people who are able to give them all the love in the world as the dog is there baby, and give the time they need, some dogs are very troubled from what's happen in there past, some have no confidence or faith or trust in people some dogs require another dog  for company to bring them out of there shell  &  learn them how  to play like dogs should. we do vet homes for suitability, we can deliver within 10 mile radius of Walsall & home check at the same time, only puppies can sometimes be re-homed with families, but we carry out thorough assessment beforehand. all gardens must be fenced  and secure. sorry no flats, bedsits, as dogs must have secure garden to play in. we do not rehome to all day workers or young family's with small children, as a high percentage  of our dogs are damaged, but not their fault,so as rescue we have to keep children safe, and our dogs to,  so dogs  need to trust again.              
   We do expect new owners to give the dog reasonable time to settle into their new home. However, if you feel that the dog is not settling into your family environment, you can return the dog within 14 days & £40 will be deducted from adoption fee for time and paperwork involved, All new owners will be informed at the offset as to whether the dog has any ailments or health problems but all dogs that come to us for short while are taken to vets and heath checked, neutered, spayed, micro chipped, & vaccinated, only puppies leave rescue without being neutered or spayed, that is our strict policy. boys can be neutered at around 9 months, all dogs are vet checked  and  treated if needed, donation fee is from £145.00 upwards  depending on how much veterinary treatment  the dog has occurred, when you adopt a dog from us you fill in adoption form please read carefully( please note) inform friends & relatives of your wishes, please make reservations in your will that dog must be returned to rescue.        

please ring for details how you can help.
please do something good today and foster a dog for a short while and give some love and warmth
   please we are desperate for donations just £1.00 will help paypal email is clive.glen@hotmail.com, our vets bills are our highest outgoings donate to warren house vets tel 01543373033, and say you wish to make donation to smalldogrescue. car boot items can collect within 10 mile radius of cannock , doggies thank you.