Thursday, 12 July 2012

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

rehoming small dogs

cliveglen rescue is in walsall, we are  always here to help if you need your  small dog  re homing, for what ever the reason, we will collect from homes, pounds, puppy farms, unwanted breeding dogs or other rescues.we run a free collection service within a 20 mile radius of walsall if out that radius a small fee for fuel, We have so many retired persons waiting for a dog and are lonely and long for companionship of a dog.
Please get in touch with us today.                                                                                                                  all dogs that come to us for short stay,they  are not in kennels as little dogs get stressed out, they are in foster  homes with mature persons only, as they have all the love what they deserve, while they are recuperating from surgery,
 viewing is strictly by appointment only, as we could be out, and we don't want our prospective adoptive s to have a wasted journey so please ring beforehand thank you, 01922 415919 or 07799550196.